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Terrus Pro

(3 - 1 - 4 - 2)

Premium granulated carbon-based organic fertiliser


Granulated for easy use

Suitable for fertiliser spreaders

Contains blood & bone, gypsum, sulphate of potash

A balanced blend of slow-release nutrients

Rich in humic acid and labile carbon

Product Information

Terrus Pro is a premium granulated, carbon-based fertiliser. Boosted with blood and bone, gypsum and sulphate of potash, each granule conditions the soil while delivering a balanced combination of nutrients and trace elements essential for healthy plant growth.

Directions for use

Horticulture/ Home Garden:

Spread up to 200 grams per m2 (2 tonnes per hectare), depending on soil conditions. Water in well.


Can be broadcast or applied by air seeder.

Soil Types

Suited to the following soil constraints:

Low organic carbon

Trace element deficiencies

Low soil cation exchange capacity (CEC)

Low potassium

High magnesium

Environmental Impact

Terrus Pro is a quality, user friendly carbon-based organic fertiliser.

Certified by Australian Certified Organic.

Freshcare compliant for horticultural producers.

Modified Terrus Pro granules have shown increased nitrogen efficiency.

Terrus Pro acts as a slow release fertiliser, allowing continual soil improvement.

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